Avery Point Lighthouse - APLS
Helping to Relight History


"Six years and a Half Million Dollars Later"


A chapter of the American Lighthouse Foundation

Moon and Light

To help maintain the Avery Point Lighthouse -
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First time lit - June 10, 2006 -- 2024 hours

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Remember our veterans and the troops overseas!
God Bless America and keep our troops safe!

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Avery Point Lighthouse Society

Co-founders:  James Streeter,
Stephen Gulyas, Dale Treadway, I


James Streeter JimStreetr@aol.com
Dale Treadway, I
Ron Foster rfoster3768@tvcconnect.net
Cellular: 860-303-2986

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We are a New England based lighthouse club which is interested in learning more about lighthouses and maritime history through educational meetings, programs, and site visits.

We raise funds to help preserve and restore New England lighthouses.

Optional outings and special club events are held throughout the year. Membership is open to anyone ages 6 and up.

For more information click on the APLS logo below to send an e-mail.

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